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Members of Division



Scope of Work

Divison Director &  Assistant Professor of the Center for General Education

林宗正(Lin Zong-Zheng)

1. supervise affairs of section.

2. supervise sports and health-related affairs.

Occupation Health Nurse

林伶芷 (Lin Ling-Chin )

1. responsible for hygiene education affairs.

2. consultant of health and sanitation 

Registered Nurse

郭錦暖 (Kuo Chin-Nuan)

1. responsible for medical checkup for school staff

2. first aid training.

Administrative Assistant & Dietician

郭盈君 (Kuo Ying-Chun)

1. Supervise the safety and sanitation of restaurants on campus.

2. Diet consultant.


黃義博 (Huang I-Po​)

1. Responsible for rental affairs of sporting grounds.

2. Coach for school archery team.

Staff of Section

林音孜 (​Lin Yin-Zhi)

Manage and supervise the usage of and sports grounds.

Administrative Assistant

許蕣紘 (​Hsu Shun-Hung)

Responsible for all kinds of sports competitions.

Administrative Assistant

周士琮 (Zhou Shih-Tsung )

Responsible for rental affairs of sports grounds.

Administrative Assistant

林星佑 (​Lin  Shing-Yu)

Responsible for affairs of swimming pool.

Administrative Assistant

黃志豊(Huang Zhi-Li)

Responsible for affairs of marine areas.

           Administrative Assistant

郭家瑋 (Kuo Chia-Wei)

Responsible for sports equipment.