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Introduction of Division

Physical  and Health Division is mainly responsible for schoolwide activities, trainings of sport delegations for school, the management of sporting centers, health care services and health education. Also, we are devoted to promoting sports participation of students and improving health condition of students, teachers and staffs.

  • In terms of schoolwide activities, we host the Freshman Cup, Department Border Cup and NSYSU Cup. We as well assist in the preparation of major school activities, such as school anniversary celebration, schoolwide athletic meet etc.
  • In terms of trainings of sport delegations for school, we assist in the training and the management of school representatives. We as well compile the results of each competition.
  • In terms of management of sporting centers, we are responsible for rental affairs and repairmen of sports grounds and sporting equipment.
  • In terms of health care services, we supervise health and medical center and  emergency management and health consulting are also included.
  • In terms of health education, we not only hold all kinds of health-care lectures and activities, but also provide further advice to those students who fail in some entries of their physical examination for freshmen. To improve every teacher and student’s health, health educational activities we hold every semester include the topics of cancer prevention, first aid training and so on.